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The following quiz was created in a spirit of fun and is not to be taken too seriously. Begin by printing out your worksheet. Simply circle one letter for each question. If none of the answers are exactly right, pick the one that comes the closest.

1. Your eccentric great-aunt Matilda gives you a birthday present. She offers you a week's stay at one of her vacation homes, and she will pay all expenses and travel costs. You choose:
a. The charming cottage on the coast of Maine
b. The pied-a-terre in Paris
c. The penthouse in Manhattan

2. Your favorite spot to read is:
a. A windowseat covered with squishy pillows, overlooking the garden
b. An antique wing chair with a cup of tea close at hand
c. A classic leather and steel chaise with the lights of the city twinkling below

3. Your best friend is getting married. You invite the happy couple and a few other close friends to your home for a celebration dinner. You set the table with:
a. Your collection of unmatched old silverware and a vintage tablecloth
b. Your grandmother's gold-edged porcelain china and Battenburg lace napkins
c. Sleek stainless flatware and pure white china on a gleaming glass table.

4. When you visit an art museum, your favorite pieces are:
a. American folk-art
b. English or French landscapes
c. Modern art and photography

5. You are most likely to get flowers:
a. By picking wildflowers from the side of the road
b. From your garden
c. From the florist

6. Colors that you love are:
a. Soft colors from nature
b. Rich jewel tones
c. Tone-on-tone neutrals

7. You might see yourself collecting:
a. Vintage toys
b. Antique pitchers
c. Sea glass

8. The pet of your dreams is a:
a. Golden Retriever
b. Himalayan cat
c. Saltwater aquarium

9. You and your friends want to get together for a monthly activity, but everyone doesn't agree. Your choice is:
a. A pottery class
b. A chamber music concert series
c. An independent film series
10. Your idea of a fun day of shopping is:
a. Flea markets and craft fairs
b. Antique stores and art auctions
c. Designer boutiques