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         How did you score?

Great! All the answers are correct! And don't worry, no matter what basic style suits you, you can incorporate anything you love when decorating your home. In fact, every decorating style, from Art Deco to Victorian, can fit into one of a few basic categories.

Mostly a's: Country Casual
You like to surround yourself in relaxed comfort. You prefer to put your feet up and snuggle into your furniture. You are a sensualist and care that you and your loved ones feel good in your home. Fabrics to choose will include denims, plaids and flannels. Mixed patterns will appeal to you more than a more matched formal look. Look for easy-care upholstery fabrics, natural, quiet floor coverings, and a touch of whimsy in your accessories. Learn more about Country Casual décor.

Mostly b's: Traditional
Your tastes tend to be more formal and refined. You find beauty in things that are finely crafted. Your home is likely to include a gracious blend of antiques and quality reproductions with an air of gentility and grace. You may choose from such classic styles as period French, Chippendale, or Queen Anne. Even Oriental touches can be included in your decorating style. Matched fabrics fit a formal look. You may also like to choose fabrics with a bit of sheen, such as silk, damask, and glazed chintz. Your colors are rich and mellow. Symmetry and balance appeal to your sense of order. Your accessories often include loving mementos of your past. Learn more about Traditional décor.

Mostly c's: Contemporary and Refined
You are aware of the world of design and appreciate the elegance of simplicity. Your style is sleek, minimal, sophisticated. You have the ability to carefully edit your surroundings so that each element is balanced and serene. You are aware of the impact of color on your decorating and use it deliberately, boldly and with flair. Trim, unadorned shades, blinds and shutters look great in your home. Or you can use loosely draped free-form curtains to soften the edges. Smooth textures like lacquer, glass, mirrors and polished wood work in this style. You choose your accessories with an eye for distinctive lines and for integrity of form and function. Learn more about Contemporary décor.

Two combined or a little of all three: Eclectic
You know your own tastes and prefer to combine the best of a number of design periods and styles. The eclectic style can be an exciting adventure, discovering the relationship between Art Deco Bakelite furniture knobs and the colors of an antique quilt. You prefer to gently bend the rules a little, enjoying the thrill of making your own statement. If you find that your answers tend, even slightly, toward one of the categories above, though, it is good to keep it in mind. One of the challenges of an eclectic style is creating harmony. As in any good piece of art, understanding the theme is essential. You may find it easier to decorate if you consider yourself eclectic with a contemporary theme, for example. Learn more about Eclectic décor.

However you scored, you will enjoy the adventure expressing yourself through your unique decorating style. It is both an expression of your own personality and a gift of beauty to those you love.

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