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Contemporary style is light, bright and airy. This style emphasizes clean lines, tactile fabrics and an uncluttered appearance. Contemporary style emphasizes informality, practicality and is easy-going.
Contemporary dining room

A contemporary home is a comfortable, pleasurable retreat. Achieving this stylish look requires sticking to clean lines, simple shapes and clear colors.

Today's contemporary home isn't a minimalist nightmare. Reducing clutter playes a role in the harmony of this decorating style, but it isn't taken to any extreme. A standard contemporary palette will include white walls, fresh colors, natural woods and sensual textiles. A contemporary home is a comfortable, pleasurable retreat.

There are few absolute rules to a contemporary look. A high tech-style may comprise colored plastics, stainless steel and inflatable furniture. Another contemporary approach might include natural wood, stone, coir and fleece. The fundamentals of this style include simplicity, subtle sophistication, a focus on texture and pared-down furnishings that emphasize space.

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