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Comfort in the bathroom
The warmth of wood tones provide a gentle glow in this comfort-filled bathroom. Tulip-shaped sconces and an accent lamp add generous lighting. Half-curtains are a good choice to let in the most natural light in an upstairs bathroom

The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house. It houses all our most luxurious fantasies and our most functional necessities. Just like the kitchen, a good floor plan is essential, and built-ins can be an inspiration. However, short of remodelling, much can be done in the way of décor and storage to make the bathroom one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Decorating the bathroom

After a bathroom is functioning, accessories are the most important thing to give the room personality. Don't be shy about choosing accessories. Wicker baskets, sparkling bath caddies, a collection of lace-trimmed towels, candles and exotic lighting, all contribute to the personal feeling of your bathroom.

Color in the bathroom

Even if white is your color of choice in the bathroom, you may find that a single shade of white is just too clinical. Consider many shades of white, bright white for towels, creamy white for walls and fixtures.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your bathroom. A brass chandelier and framed art add elegance to your traditional bath. Candles are always welcome.

The jewelry of the bath are the faucets, lighting fixtures and cabinet pulls. These are where the style of your bath really comes through, whether it be art deco, or rustic natural.

Simple touches make a bathroom feel more like a room:

  • In addition to bathroom lighting, add a table lamp.
  • Display your collections (be sure they aren't moisture-sensitive)
  • Add a rug. A small oriental rug adds a large amount of luxury for not very much money.
  • Add seating. Bring in a lounge, a chair or even an ottoman.
  • Your storage options can match the feel of the room. Use wicker baskets for a country-casual look, brass or stainless steel baskets work in contemporary bathrooms and antique cigar boxes and hat boxes add charm to an eclectic bathroom.
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